Prof. Dr. Dolores J. Schendel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Since the 1970s, Prof. Dr. Dolores Schendel has been researching T cells and their abilities in immunotherapy and has accompanied the scientific and therapeutic turn of era in this field. Prof Schendel served as a University Professor for Immunology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University, is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, has spent several decades as a scientific review board member in various research organizations such as the German Research Foundation, German Cancer Aid and the European Research Council among others. She is a recipient of the German Federal Order of Merit and the Bavarian Order of Merit and received the 'Deutsche Krebshilfe Preis', the award of the German Cancer Aid. From 1998 - 2013, Prof Schendel was Director of the Institute of Molecular Immunology of the German Research Center for Environmental Health at the Helmholtz Center in Munich. Following this, she founded the Trianta Immunotherapies GmbH (today "Medigene Immunotherapies GmbH). With the acquisition by Medigene in 2014, Dolores Schendel became Chief Scientific Officer and, in 2016, also the CEO of the company.

Prof Schendel completed her PhD in Genetics at the University of Wisconsin, USA, followed by post-doctoral training in immunology at University College London, UK. She developed her interest in tumor immunology while working at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in New York.

Dr. Kai Pinkernell

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Chief Development Officer (CDO)

Dr. Kai Pinkernell is responsible for the clinical advancement of Medigene's immunotherapy platforms since February 2016. He has acquired long-term expertise in worldwide clinical development, clinical marketing and clinical sales as well as automation and GMP production of cellular therapies. Prior to joining Medigene, he held leading positions at Miltenyi Biotech GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, most recently as Global Head of Clinical Business and Head of Clinical Development. Previously, Dr. Pinkernell was with Cytori Therapeutics Inc., San Diego, USA, as Senior Director of Regenerative Cell Technology. He studied medicine and received his MD from the Westfaelische-Wilhems University in Muenster, Germany. Furthermore, Dr. Pinkernell holds a Master of Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

Extended Management

Dr. Markus Dangl

Research & Pre-Clinical Development

Foto: Rolf Kalhammer

Dr. Rolf Kalhammer

Business Development

Gerard Luyben


Klaus Tressl

RA/ QA and QP

Dr. Thorsten Wöhl

CMC and Quality Control

Julia Hofmann

Public and Investor Relations

Dr. Slavoljub Milosevic

Head of Technology and Innovation

Marita Mogensen

Human Ressources and Business Operations

Christian Schmid

Legal Affairs

Dr. Dominik ter Meer

Intellectual Property