We are empowering T cells to effectively fight cancer. 

Immunotherapies show great promise to revolutionize cancer treatment. Therefore, we put living T cells - key players in the immune system - at the center of our technology platforms. We are striving to create breakthrough therapies to fundamentally improve the lives of cancer patients.

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Fighting cancer with cutting-edge technologies

The therapeutic potential of human T cells can radically change the future of cancer treatment. Medigene uses its proprietary platform technologies to modify T cells for the fight against tumor cells, thereby activating the body’s own immune defense mechanisms. Our focus is on the development of tumor-specific T cells (TCR-Ts).

Deeply rooted in Science

Our deep scientific expertise is rooted in decades of immunological research by Prof. Dr. Dolores J. Schendel and her team.

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Capacity to innovate

The cumulated scientific knowledge and experience of our scientists, allied with high-throughput automation technologies, accelerate the discovery and development process for new therapies.


Growing pipeline

Our first TCR-T therapy MDG1011 has entered clinical development. We aim to fill our immunotherapy pipeline with more natural TCR-Ts and prepare them for clinical development.

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Medigene has developed several clinical stage drugs, ranging from the research phase to commercialization and product launch onto the market. In cooperation with partners, we intend to become a global leader in the field of T cell immunotherapies.


"We look forward to generating clinical data in cell therapy programs and to further developing our technologies with the goal to ultimately make next-generation immunotherapies for cancers a reality for patients and physicians" 

Dolores Schendel, CEO

Living immuno­therapies, together

Our highly qualified scientists are dedicated to working at the forefront of cancer immunotherapies. Working closely with our experienced business specialists, they jointly develop highly innovative and effective therapies in order to help patients with severe illnesses.

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