Medigene receives new US patent for TCR-modified T cell immunotherapy

Martinsried/Munich, 28 April 2014. The biotech company Medigene AG (Frankfurt: MDG1, Prime Standard) announces that the US Patent Office has issued patent No. 8,697,854 "High affinity T cell receptor and use thereof", relating to T-cell receptors against the tumor associated antigen tyrosinase. The patent has a term until 2030 and is licensed exclusively to Medigene's wholly owned subsidiary Trianta Immunotherapies GmbH by Helmholtz Zentrum München.

Dr. Frank Mathias, Chief Executive Officer of Medigene AG: "We are delighted about this new patent which further extends our patent portfolio related to our recently acquired TCR-modified T cell immunotherapy".

About T cell receptor- (TCR) modified T cells (Late preclinical stage, suited for the treatment of advanced cancer): This therapy approach of Trianta aims to utilize the body's own machinery - the T cell - to target and destroy cancer by arming normal patient-derived T cells with new T cell receptors that enable them to detect and efficiently kill tumour cells. This form of immunotherapy is supposed to overcome a patient's tolerance to cancer since the T cells of the patient are activated and modified outside the body, away from generalized immune suppression in the patient. Compared to small molecule or antibody based therapies this approach can be used for new targets to fight tumours. A large army of specific T cells is made available to patients within just 10 days. Trianta is currently establishing a comprehensive library of recombinant T-cell receptors and a GMP-compliant process for their combination with patient-derived T cells.

For Trianta's TCR modified T cells a process for combining these receptors with autologous T cells in accordance with the regulatory GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards is being established at present. First discussions with the regulatory authorities in respect of the preparation of initial clinical trials with defined product candidates have already taken place.

About Trianta: Trianta Immunotherapies GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medigene AG, is at the forefront of personalized T cell immunotherapy, focussing on next generation antigen-tailored dendritic cell (DC) vaccines, T cell receptor (TCR)-based adoptive cell therapy and T cell-targeted antibodies (TABs). Trianta Immunotherapies was founded late 2013 as a spin-off of the Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Research Centre for Environmental Health. Trianta exploits the therapeutic and commercial potential of T cell-focused therapies developed by the team of Prof. Dolores J. Schendel at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, in collaboration with Prof. Thomas Blankenstein at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine, Berlin. The team of Trianta pursues three complementary immunotherapeutic strategies to target various tumour types and stages. Each one is focused on T cells, a type of white blood cell that plays a pivotal role in immunity. Trianta Immunotherapies was acquired by Medigene in January 2014.

Medigene AG is a publicly listed (Frankfurt: MDG1, prime standard) biotechnology company headquartered in Martinsried near Munich, Germany. Medigene concentrates on the development of personalized T cell immunotherapies with focus on haematological malignancies. Medigene is the first German biotech company to have revenues from a marketed product, Veregen®, which is distributed by commercial partners companies. Medigene has various drug candidates in clinical development and it is developing highly innovative treatment platforms. For more information, please visit

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