Medigene focuses on the development of living immunotherapies to treat different types of cancer. Living immunotherapies are treatments based on living cells made from a patient’s own immune cells.  

Until the 1990s physicians relied primarily on three approaches to treat cancer: removal of tumors by surgery, or killing of tumor cells by chemotherapy or radiation, or a mixture of these treatments. These classical non-targeted therapies can lead to disease stabilization and clinical improvement.

Unfortunately, they often have severe side effects and it is usually impossible to completely stop progressive growth of cancer that may have already spread at the time of diagnosis. In the past several decades, new therapies such as hormone therapies, anti-angiogenesis approaches and manipulation of signal transduction pathways in cancer cells were developed that represent more targeted approaches that can lead to improved success in cancer treatment with better tolerability for patients.

Meanwhile a new generation of cancer therapies has emerged based on modulation of immune responses in patients. These innovative immunotherapies serve to activate, influence, and optimize the natural capacities of the immune system of a patient to more effectively combat cancer, especially in advanced metastatic diseases in solid and lymphatic tumors, activation of immune system is able to cure even after several other therapies have failed. Empowering the patient’s own immune cells is crucial to achieve long lasting benefit and to provide the potential to cure their cancer.

Empowering the immune system with cutting edge technologies

Medigene has developed three complementary technology platforms to generate immunotherapies for various types of cancer. All technology platforms focus on different components of the immune system, yet all three approaches are directed to mobilize the powerful capacities of the T cell to fight cancer.

T cells play a major role in the immune response of humans. These cells in the immune system are ultimately effector cells which directly combat, kill and eliminate tumor cells. The specific activation, stimulation, strengthening and improvement of T-cell specificity is a modern therapy approach with the aim of enabling an effective, long-lasting treatment of cancer.


Generating large numbers of cancer-specific T cells to treat large tumor burdens. 

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An entirely new generation of DC vaccines is being developed.

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Developing monoclonal antibodies to recognize T cells. 

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Immune Monitoring Facility

Medigene has established its own immune monitoring facility as its fourth platform, which represents an integrated technology platform deeply linked with our other complementary immunotherapy platforms.



Medigene’s proprietary TCR platform technology for the identification and selection of natural TCRs is protected by exclusively in-licensed patents in Europe, the US and Japan. All TCRs generated by our proprietary TCR platform technology are individually protected by patent rights in countries selected on the basis of our corporate commercial long term strategy.

Medigene is constantly developing improved methods for the efficient and fast identification of tumor-antigen specific T-cell receptors, with these methods are also subject for new patent protection in-line with our company patent strategy.

Our DC platform is protected by exclusively in-licensed patents in Europe, the US and Australia covering methods for maturation of DCs and resulting dendritic cells with further pending applications in Europe, US and Canada.

In addition, our patent-portfolio for the DC technology comprises patent rights in Europe and the US, claiming a method for the generation of HLA-haplo-identical antigen-presenting cells for the treatment of tumor diseases which gives us additional protection for our DC technology in the field of treatment of patients with minimal residual diseases in the setting of haplo-identical bone-marrow and stem cell transplantation.

Advances in our DC technology are expected to generate additional IP protection for this platform.

The TABS technology platform comprises intellectual property claiming the method for generating TABS (T-cell receptor-specific antibodies) and specific TABS.

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Lichtenegger, F. S., Mueller, K., Otte, B., Beck, B., Hiddemann, W.,  Schendel, D. J. and M. Subklewe. 2012. CD86 and IL-12p70 are key players for T helper 1 polarization and natural killer cell activation by Toll-like receptor-induced dendritic cells. PLoS One. 7(9): e44266.

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