Immune Monitoring Facility

Medigene has established its own immune monitoring facility as its fourth platform, which represents an integrated technology platform deeply linked with our other complementary immunotherapy platforms. This platform allows us to monitor many different cells and functional parameters of the immune system through diverse techniques.

Immune monitoring plays an important role in the detection of cellular immune responses at preclinical and clinical stages and is essential for the development and clinical application of living immunotherapies. It guarantees high quality reagents, assays and data at every development step from early research to patient assessment in clinical studies. Preclinical immune assessment and bioinformatics are also integrated components in the development pathway of innovative immunotherapies, from the very early stages of discovery until the final approval of new immunotherapy treatments.

Medigene’s Immune Monitoring Platform is divided into two sections

Preclinical Immune Assessment and Clinical Immune Monitoring:

  • The Preclinical Immune Assessment team is responsible for toxicity and safety tests during the evaluation and development of new TCR-T candidates. This includes, for example, advanced in silico analyses of antigen and epitope expression in healthy tissues using the web-based tool Expitope®. Medigene also assesses expression of target antigens in normal tissues and tumor samples using e.g. NanostringTM technologies.
  • The Clinical Immune Monitoring unit is responsible for examining patient samples during DC vaccine and TCR-T clinical trials. Medigene supports the clinical development of our immunotherapies by analyzing quality and safety parameters in its own laboratories. Equipped with highly specialized technologies including multi-color Elispot, multi-parameter serum analyses, multi-color flow cytometery and qRT-PCR, Medigene’s scientists develop new methods to gain greater insight into the immune system and specific responses of patients pre- and post-immunotherapy.


Medigene will further strengthen and expand its Immune Monitoring Platform in conjunction with development of our clinical pipeline. Moreover, an ISO 15189 accreditation of the Immune Monitoring Platform is planned to achieve the next step of high standardization.