T cell specific antibody therapy to remove unwanted T cells

Under some circumstances the body's own T cells can attack own healthy cells as in many autoimmune diseases, instead of protecting the organism.
T cell
Pathogenic T cell
TABs immunotherapy aims to target and fight those “pathogenic” T cells that are causing these diseases. Medigene develops monoclonal antibodies, which are able to recognize and distinguish between healthy and pathogenic T cells.
T cell
Pathogenic T cell
T cell specific antibody
As a result of therapeutic treatment, the unwanted T cells will be eliminated and a full immunological defence is provided by all the remaining untouched healthy T cells. This has been proven by preclinical studies.
T cell

Main advantages of the TABS platform:

  • TABS can allow easy control of the T cell products at every step of production.
  • TABS represent unique tools to track T cell interactions in patient during clinical use of adoptive T cell therapies.
  • TABS address safety and toxicity aspects of adoptive T cell therapies by allowing specific depletion of unwanted T cells.
  • TABS may allow causal treatment of T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases and T cell leukemia in the future.

Research status and future projects

Medigene has demonstrated success in isolation of prototype TABS antibody candidates. The functional properties and mode of action of these candidates are currently being tested in vitro and in advanced pre-clinical studies.

In collaborative studies with Prof. Blankenstein of the Max-Delbrück Center (MDC) Berlin using a human TCR-transgenic mouse model, Medigene has shown the elimination of unwanted T cells by prototype TABS based on their TCR expression without affecting other T cells.

Medigene is working intensively on the preparation and functional characterization of TABS antibodies which are intended to monitor all steps in adoptive transfer of genetically-modified T cells from production until application in patients.

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